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New Student Assessment Lesson

. Duration:55 mins··. Price:£55

30 Minute Lesson

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:£40

55 Minute Lesson PLUS 24/7 Text Support

. Duration:55 mins··. Price:£90

55 Minute Lesson

. Duration:55 mins·. Price:£70

90 Minute Lesson

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins·. Price:£100

2 Hour Lesson

. Duration:2 hrs·. Price:£130

3 Hour Lesson

. Duration:3 hrs·. Price:£200

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69 reviews
  • Nirmal·

    My first golf lesson and having this has made me more aware of the need to learn the basic skills in order to play well. Fantastic teacher who knows how to teach. Many people can play golf but it takes a special person to have excellent people skills as well as being able to teach . Ged is that special person Cannot wait to have my next lesson where I know I will move forward and become a better player

  • Dan Norton·

    Can’t thank Ged enough for what he’s done for my golf game. Simplifies and explains things in a way I understand, breaking it down and perfecting before moving on to the next tweak. Video feedback he gives is great too, chance to look back over the lessons through the week while you’re working on things at the range.

  • Sue·

    I’ve struggled for a while to improve my irons and booked in with Ged. My confidence was as low as it’s ever been. By the end of the lesson Ged had identified the problems and corrected them. Felt so much better and now looking forward to practising my new swing.

  • Dave grindley·

    Can’t recommend Ged highly enough. He knows his stuff, can usually spot the problem immediately - and has a great knack of explaining the problem - and the solution - really easily!!

  • Kevin Clayton·

    Ged is a great golf coach and used him for years. Whenever my swing goes out he always seems to put me back on track. Highly recommend!

  • Barry·

    Great session again! Recapping on previous lessons briefly, then addressing the swing. Feel my swing and motion has very much improved, great feedback and drills to take away. Look forward to my next lesson.

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