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New Student Assessment Lesson

. Duration:55 mins··. Price:£55

30 Minute Lesson

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:£40

55 Minute Lesson PLUS 24/7 Text Support

. Duration:55 mins··. Price:£90

55 Minute Lesson

. Duration:55 mins·. Price:£70

90 Minute Lesson

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins·. Price:£100

2 Hour Lesson

. Duration:2 hrs·. Price:£130

3 Hour Lesson

. Duration:3 hrs·. Price:£200

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59 reviews
  • Ian·

    As always Ged is a fantastic source of information and knowledge and is happy to work to address any specific issues that you may want addressing.

    He is flexible in his approach and is definitely NOT a coach that takes a one-size fits all approach to improving your golf game.

  • Dave Wright·

    Great session again with Ged who gave me some simple drills to work on getting a good strike and hitting down and through the ball generating more arm speed and stability.

  • Brendan·

    I highly recommend Ged for lessons, he explains everything really well and makes it enjoyable. Ged identified a few things for me to work on and I have seen an improvement on ball striking and direction. Thanks 👍

  • Rich·

    Booked an intro lesson.
    Very impressed with Geds knowledge and use of tech. Love the science. Came away with a great understanding and some drills . Will be signing up for more

  • Dave Wright·

    First lesson after a few months off golf with medical issues. Ged spotted my cause of poor strike and direction very quickly and soon had me striking the ball cleanly and a few thoughts to keep the swing on track and my body still. As always a pleasure and easily understandable drills to take away and work on.

  • Paul D·

    Had two lessons with Ged now he’s been great and I’m learning a lot from him, starting to make some good progress, excellent teacher with lots of patience 😂

    Thanks Ged, see you next week

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